embrace raw beauty

phenomenons gather awe

while I dream refreshed

a: phenomenon: a rare or significant fact or event

b: plural phenomenonsan exceptional, unusual, or abnormal person, thing, or occurrence

Source – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Your Weekly Prompt – Phenomenons

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Image by Enrique from Pixabay

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  1. Love that image you’ve chosen and really enjoyed your poem 👏🏽

    1. Thank you, Pooja! 💖

  2. Just having fun, no fiddling idea, what this means: https://amanpan.blog/2023/11/07/moonwashed-weekly-prompt-phenomenons/ and cheers to embracing raw beauty!

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  4. Thought I might give this a try on the first post in a long while.

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  10. Please find my response to the prompt. Thanks for a wonderful prompt

    1. Thank you, Saroj!

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