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lives once connected their relationship unplugged asking for lovers § Inspired by Susi Bocks – IWH Haiku Challenge #2 Please visit my other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia feature image – Photo by Suvan Chowdhury from Pexels prompt image – hosting post

Orchestrated Refuge

my inner identity conducting beacons of light to guide and protect from feared fall-out in a once fairytale world § Written for Helené’s weekly challenge – What do you See? – Challenge Jan 15, 2019 Please visit my other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia Image source from hosting post


in the distant past intellectual cosmos rapt thoughts now slumber § Written for Helené’s weekly challenge What do you see? Jan/08/2019 Prompt – Write a poem, short story, whatever you see or feel about this week’s photo (this post’s featured image) My other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia image – hosting post


tears beckon comfort listen to one another the gift of friendship §  A poem about caring and valuing friendship, in response to Gina@Singledust’s challenge Write a poem or a story under 100 words and let’s spread joy next week! Write about your gift of happiness to someone – Writing Challenge – The Gift You Share My other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia…

Queen of Quaint

queen of quaint, a title lovingly bestowed on me, myself and I some time ago an observation of a mere acquaintance and rightfully so my golden years upon me my life flying by in a woosh, reaching out for purpose and symmetry yet not numbed into boredom a free-spirited soul sipping a cup of her…

Cyclical Activity

relics in the sand farewell hush of ebbing tide summer whodunits cosmos of cosmos hazy lazy dog days wane summer slumbers § End of Summer Poetry Contest hosted by KaylaAnnAuthor Come and visit my other blog for coffee and chatting at BrewNSpew -Eugenia Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels