My Friend

 You know life’s not a straight line Brimming with imperfect perfection There’s no sympathizing recognition  or trusting my unstable perception Though a genuine and dear companion Your stumbles are clear by a wide margin I tinker with my expectations Coz, you and I, we don’t see eye to eye Yet there’s no saying farewell  in…


  Destination addiction relentlessly blinding Impatient souls etch a path while winding Hurriedly masquerading with nothing to say No beginning nor ending to define the day  Let’s turn the pages along the way From back to front to slow our stay  There’ll be an unfolding of justification To smother the misstep to our destination  “The…

Wrong’s the new Right

Surely, you know I don’t jest The seesaw of life is our test Class is over there’s no win-win Let’s ponder the resolve once again Ideation on the brink of decay The misdeeds of others in our way Ain’t no way a wrong makes a right But maybe in theory just for spite The rides…

The “I”s Have It

 I yearned to be a star I knew I would go far It was all about me, myself and my I but they all knew my truths were askew they were too wise to my lying eyes § “Wanting to be liked can get in the way of truth.”  -Delia Ephron My other blog BrewNSpew  -Eugenia…

A Beckoning Call

The sky a sapphire awning beckons a gleeful dawning  Symphonic hints of spring beckons creatures to sing Which way the river flows beckons who wants to know Is it a sea or an ocean that beckons a calming motion From sunrise to sunset beckons the time of day be as it may § -Eugenia image…


Is it all about me, myself and me Or you, yourself and you C’mon, isn’t it about us So quiet down your whine So confounded is the world It’s lost its spin How about we manage its avoidance An intentional way §    “Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be…

Perpetual Motion

  My life resembles a clock constant swaying be that as it may, estimated each nanosecond cherished hells chimes are calling is it time for a retribution?   Rewind the clock, I say favor me one more day my proceeded voyage here will be without dread as the pendulum swings a frictionless turn entrancing movement…

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