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  • The fortress

    inside the grey walls gelid breath whispers secrets gift of life long lost last farewells lonely What do you see # 38 – 13 July 2020 -Eugenia

  • Nap time

    lullaby duo each and every day a gift forever friendship It’s Awww Mondays at Comedy Plus Photo by Tomas Ryant from Pexels

  • Wisdom is mighty

    empower passion rise to opportunity knowledge breaks silence -Eugenia Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

  • Itinerary?

    yonder adventures via search engine journey destiny control Reena’s Exploration Challenge 143 -Eugenia featured image/Prompt Image – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

  • Reena’s Exploration Challenge 143

    Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
    A warm welcome to all of you to this week’s Exploration Challenge! It just struck me that we haven’t done an image prompt for long. So, here we go … PROMPT 143 Photo by Andrea…