Dear Mister Moon

My dear friend mister moon Your presence is treasured There’ll be no pinking measure to transcribe my joyous pleasure My thoughts silenced while I sleep there’ll be nary a peep Even in my deepest slumber there’ll be no sawn lumber Just knowing you’re near there’ll be no reason for fear My dear friend mister moon…

Wrong’s the new Right

Surely, you know I don’t jest The seesaw of life is our test Class is over there’s no win-win Let’s ponder the resolve once again Ideation on the brink of decay The misdeeds of others in our way Ain’t no way a wrong makes a right But maybe in theory just for spite The rides…

Our Spot in Time

Time doesn’t stand still It’s indefinite progression It’s an irreversible succession It’s a continuous flow It’s a measure of existence It’s void of resistance It footprints our purpose today It’s a masquerade on display Lifes pendulum staging a play -Eugenia “Time flows the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time…

Ideas in Perspective

Undoubtedly, a powerful way to teach Creativity in its truest form Information extending its reach Fractals in motion, ideas being born What better way to be selective Storyteller purveyors are most effective By bringing learning in perspective § “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the…

Partly Sunny

Life can be cloudless dream filled with joy and gladness riddled with ills and sadness Death can be a cloudy dream never ending but unforgiving no pageantry and unrelenting In between a wistful dream as experiences of your being its expiration remains unseen  Either/or can be cumbersome  in between may be troublesome rendered efforts may…

The “I”s Have It

 I yearned to be a star I knew I would go far It was all about me, myself and my I but they all knew my truths were askew they were too wise to my lying eyes § “Wanting to be liked can get in the way of truth.”  -Delia Ephron Please stop by for…

A Beckoning Call

The sky’s a sapphire awning beckons a gleeful dawning  Symphonic sounds of spring beckons birds to sing Which way does the river flow beckons who wants to know Is it a sea or an ocean beckons a sensible notion From sunrise to sunset beckons the time of day Awaiting seasonal progressions beckons continuous sessions  …


Is it all about me, myself and me Or you, yourself and you C’mon, isn’t it about us So shut up your fuss So confused is the world It’s misplaced its twirl Let’s guide its deflection In a purposeful direction §    “Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone…

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