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The Great Pumpkin

hushed was the rumor the dark of night shaken, and patch dwellers aghast. the Great Pumpkin rose to the delight of children pumpkiny deeds carried forth. yet the awe assaulted by air with a singular chill A magical moment only… Read More ›

Roads traveled

dramas of ageing silenced the misery that dwells amid willows hearts stilled except in the eye of the storm The Saturday Symphony #15 (Eye of the storm) What do you see- 52 – 19 October’20 VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #117: EXCEPT Tuesday Writing… Read More ›

Practice what you preach

Transparency speaks, yet angles tempt the weary pleading for the truth. (The American Sentence poetry form) Reena’s Exploration Challenge #157 -Eugenia image source – via prompt host


in the fading light kind souls unite in tandem to purpose reason VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #116: REASON Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge— “In the fading light” – October 13, 2020 Your Daily Word Prompt – Tandem – October 13, 2020 -Eugenia image source… Read More ›

Love is in the stars

our love on the rocks last moments and last farewells hope reaches lonely sparking stars gleam in the sand gifts of love are never lost What do you see # 51 – 12 October’20 The Saturday Symphony #14 (A perfect romance)… Read More ›