Exciting News – Reflections & Revelations has Published!

Thank you, Susi Bocks, owner of The Short of It, for all of your hard work in the publishing of Reflections & Revelations. The paperback version is available on Amazon.com NOW!! If you’re interested in getting a copy, please CLICK THIS LINK! Description on Amazon - Forty-seven poets and writers with astute observations about living, emotions, … Continue reading Exciting News – Reflections & Revelations has Published!

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #140 – 4/25/23 – Impending

For the visually impaired the image is a large orb against dark skies hovering in the background. The foreground is an emerald-green landmass and bodies of water, midst the untimely impending views a panorama the morrows flourish Welcome to Moonwashed Musings! Your Weekly Prompt – Impending– April 25, 2023 Go where the prompt leads you. It … Continue reading Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #140 – 4/25/23 – Impending

Hope comes with change

prompt image and the winds of fate bared a tree and dizzied the stars whether far or near moonbeams light the path to hope softly comes the dawn What do you see # 182 -Eugi Copyright © 2023 MoonwashedMusings@amanpan.blog – All rights reserved. Image credit; Tasos Mansour @ Unsplash

Who wrote what?

and again I write words outstretched to entertain tend to keep me sane annoyed by bot talk my compositions feel stalked but then who's to say? Below was generated from Freequill.bot using words poetry and nature. A bot with an imagination? The head still swung still as its body and green legs swiveld side-to-side from … Continue reading Who wrote what?