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Standing ovation

spanning haloed memories sparkling stars shine for spirits sapphire skies in rhythm as slumbered angels chant songs to souls cozied in wanderlust sunrises end in sunsets serendipity magic dVerse Poetics: Stars that count Posted by Laura Bloomsbury in Poetics – A Pleiades poem – seven… Read More ›

Kaleidoscope dreams

a sunny marmalade Monday blissed into topaz Tuesday, a gem of a day, facted with a guiding light to white swatch Wednesday, its brightness tamed by the tealness of Thursday only to come alive on lover boy, red leather Friday,… Read More ›

A Halloween Celebration

Blustery winds wail as a lonely dog howls out of tune. Loons cry out their guttural and eerie sounds as shadowy figures, not friendly folk, commiserate with ghouls and goblins planning and plotting a fright night to behold. An intoxicating… Read More ›

A night’s hard day

yellow dreams tainted slime pigments consumed moon beams like pearls from tissue oh, let the times chant once more as we grimace in-between dVerse Poetics: The charms of Samuel Greenberg and his The Pale Impromptu – hosted by Laura Bloomsbury -Eugenia… Read More ›

Time is an illusion

time is of the essence deadline coming soon time is money deadline is tight time is relative deadline looms time running out deadline is past tick tock goes the clock swoosh! ending of the end Reena’s Exploration Challenge #156 dVerse Poets… Read More ›

This old house

the old house, fazed with haunts it’s cobwebbed walls ooze with sin drunken deeds connived with taunts as spirits feel the thunder within * its bones creak with each bootless step from here to there and back again assaulting souls… Read More ›