Bedraggled wishes

while sulky mist wanders through bare-boned trees mournful crows lend shrill mythic caws their sinister chants assault the air as ungathered secrets bow to once wished-upon stars and eerie dreams of Halloween, the old crow caws at the moon #TANKATUESDAY Weekly #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 295, 10/25/22, #THEMEPROMPT Prompt - What you wish for? Use the … Continue reading Bedraggled wishes

Spring refreshments

A lovely aura shared its velvety spirit in a much spring-like fashion celebrating a seasonal bestirring experience to embrace renewal as springtime exhales the refreshing air we breathe never lost -Eugenia Image by Karl Egger from Pixabay


secrets awakened by an autumn breeze their lullaby once a safe haven rise up as whispers in the trees drifting hither and yonder morphing as amber leaves falling to the ground renewing cause secrets heard loud and clear #TANKATUESDAY WEEKLY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 240, #THEMEPROMPT This month’s theme is: Lullaby -Eugi image source -