Fae Corps Prompts

Out of commission

footloose days disturbed time morphed like a broken wing flying fears growing Reena’s Exploration Challenge #163 Fae Corps PAD Challenge #26 Word on the Day Challenge – Footloose -Eugenia image source – lovethispic.com

Blossoms of success

when flowers bloom and lovers dream is their’s a flimsy wish to reflect on to savor life to keep what is? no Goddess can fawn mother nature or prove her virtuous ego without reason. the doorway to lovers hearts sealed…. Read More ›

Con game shame

gluttons prey on the naive rapacity like a bad seed egoism flaunts its game egotists pitifully lame desire flows wicked What piggishness is this? The Saturday Symphony #17 (Riddle me this…) RIDDLE ME THIS This week, pick a favourite riddle,… Read More ›

This old hotel

this old hotel, her fashionable Victorian charm thrived in an era where tales of intimacy and passion were shushed. days when porcelain skin was caressed with scents of lilac that continue to cling, and provoke admiration of desire. this old… Read More ›

Oh! the fae – an ode

Oh! the fae enchanting the frivolous triumph travels skyward magical powers transmit beauty and light Oh! the fae deathless in our dreams our hearts? our minds? a flimsy vision? Oh! the fae beings of light follow them blind transmit their… Read More ›