free verse


this old castle, where darkness dares to cast shadows in paled moonlight. it’s bones creak with with each step, awakening the need for sweet farewells and let spirits vacate their alter ego What do you see # 35- 22 June 2020… Read More ›

I am…

my alter ego it follows me, a bigger person than I. yet, my inner crony together we go to battle in search of greatness. our wish for inner peace. our wish to become one with life. What do you see… Read More ›

Do you believe?

Santa’s sleigh topsy-turvy leaving a swath of holiday drama. Splendid gifts wrapped with care lost in a quilt of clouds for evah and evah! But, wait! Elves to the rescue and every gift retrieved! Hey, li’l children gather around coz… Read More ›

Kitty Talk

The sun shines through my windowpane. Its glow spilling into the room with warmth and playful shadows. I jump and dart, and run with fearless glee. I curl my tail, flex my claws and share my finest meows. My life… Read More ›

Queen of Quaint

queen of quaint, a title lovingly bestowed on me, myself and I some time ago an observation of a mere acquaintance and rightfully so my golden years upon me my life flying by in a woosh, reaching out for purpose… Read More ›