garbage in and garbage out news, views and who’s who scribbles, scrawls and artsy walls guffaw guffaw chaos, drama and the me too’s the hefty ante sweetens the pot living on the edge safe or sorry guffaw guffaw life’s show and tell makes one weary isms here and isms there phobias a la carte Mother … More Skepticism


the old car, we named her Summertime Blues, tired of A Hard Day’s Night, she trekked to warmer climes to join the Surfin’ Safari, a reunion of Road Hog alums, and she had A Ticket to Ride. She was equipped with a GPS, as old as the hills, and couldn’t Get Back due to an … More Detour


life’s purpose is not the same as it ever was agos are ago transforming mindsets hushes the morrow answers are gambled insects progressing sheeple digressing encores stay silent Reena’s Exploration Challenge #167 PROMPT #167 I woke up in 2021 …. Eugi’s Special Feature – Reena’s Xploration Challenge #167 -Eugi image source –

Life straightforward

the old café, once abandoned, catered to those with specious reasoning. hard times altered facades and egos, offering renewal, and appreciation for simpler times laughter shared timely simple delights without support gamble of success What do you see # 78 – April 19, 2021 Your Daily Word Prompt – Specious – April 19, 2021 Word of … More Life straightforward

The Easter Parade

seducing silence with white trumpets, lilies lead the Easter parade. marching pink ruffled petals, Azaleas share their love and moderation. Crocus, dressed in pastel-purple lend mirth and youth, followed by Gardenias, unfurling alabaster-white blooms give love, purity and peace. Gerbera Daisies, vibrant and cheerful bring happiness and contentment, while Irises, garbed in deep purple hues … More The Easter Parade


conmen, fakes and thieves smooth talkers proud hawkers hackers, slackers and grifters their victims mugs, marks and shills poor suckers stooges and rubes humans hacked by catch me if you cans and the flimflam man oh, what a wonderful world VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE: SCAM/ CON/ CATFISH -Eugi image source –