Dearest Winter

It isn’t the chilling

to the bone

that makes me

shiver and shake

while hanging on

to my cup of joe.

it isn’t the

weather is cold

ground is hard

trees are bare

plants are dead

your arctic breath and

your idea of a palatial

winter wonderland

lost its luster

long ago

methinks your time’s

up, my gelid friend

a sunny corner

awaits your demise.


Your Daily Word Prompt – Palatial – February 17, 2021


Go Stand in the Corner #1

questions unanswered

transparency kept silent

confusion in tranquil minds

mortals unbalanced

yet the world still spins

GO STAND IN THE CORNER! featured by The Sound of One Hand Typing

Check out The Sound of One Hand Typing blog owned by John Holton for the inaugural edition of his new feature Go Stand in the Corner.


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels (altered by Pixler)