while I am hiding

so called friends chiding

so mad

then I start crying

all hope is dying

so sad

you best be quiet

my words not silent

too bad

Image credit; Teslariu Mehai @ Unsplash

What do you see # 66 – January 25 2021

Word of the Day Challenge – Hiding

The poetry form, Lai, is a very old French form and tradition states that the short line must not be indented, it must be left dressed to the poem. This is known as Arbre Fourchu (Forked Tree); there is a pattern meant to be set up as a tree.

The number of lines in each stanza is fixed at nine. The number of stanzas is not fixed and each stanza has its own rhyme pattern. The stanza’s rhyme pattern is… a. a. b. a. a. b. a. a. b.


image source – Pexels