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in the distant past intellectual cosmos rapt thoughts now slumber § Written for Helené’s weekly challenge What do you see? Jan/08/2019 Prompt – Write a poem, short story, whatever you see or feel about this week’s photo (this post’s featured image) My other blog, BrewNSpew Eugenia image – hosting post


a search for balance happens once in every life perhaps twice or thrice § My other blog, BrewNSpew Eugenia Photo by Tina Nord from Pexels

Queen of Quaint

queen of quaint, a title lovingly bestowed on me, myself and I some time ago an observation of a mere acquaintance and rightfully so my golden years upon me my life flying by in a woosh, reaching out for purpose and symmetry yet not numbed into boredom a free-spirited soul sipping a cup of her…

Passing Contemplations

  days come and days go memories warmed by the sun hammocks and daydreams   nights come and nights go reflections cooled by the moon  cradles and visions § Please join us every Monday for Comedy Plus – awww Mondays   And of course, there’s always coffee and chatting at BrewNSpew  -Eugenia Image via Pexels