throughout my success you tried to ruin me but I won the battle my finely tuned taste revealed your deadly poison a timely interlude VJ’s Weekly Challenge #108: taste Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: “You tried to ruin me, but I…” Tuesday,… Read More ›


color me colorless or color me every color known to mankind What do you see # 42- 10 August 2020 Reena’s Exploration Challenge #147 -Eugenia Image by Semevent from Pixabay

What’s next?

asking in earnest mingled words without passion yesterdays riddles It’s Awww Mondays at Comedy Plus -Eugenia image source – Pexels


expect change to self seasonal songs out of tune day in and day out -Eugenia image source- Pexels

Let’s set it straight

the air assaulted its staleness prepares for fate straining to alter moments of fond memories a warm touch brings joy once more VJ’s Weekly Challenge #106: touch -Eugenia featured image –

Conscious meditation

frangible teacups ceremonious moments senses awoken “We drink tea to forget the noise of the world.” -T’ien Yiheng- What do you see # 40 – 27 July 2020 Your Daily Word Prompt – #Frangible – #YDWordPrompt July 27, 2020 -Eugenia featured… Read More ›