The Great Divide

once upon a time I dressed in my best pretty pinks in spring summer, my best greens amber-gold in fall my winter whites glowed strong and sturdy, me a respected tree til my last farewell calming by nature chaos by mankind Dedicated to Roth Poetry and the poem - Exposed, written by Dwight L. Roth … Continue reading The Great Divide

Home Sweet Home

this old house, its lights dim with each passing day, aging bones creak and yawn, while seduced by a patinaed facade Oh, the stories, their essence drifts like the aroma of freshly baked bread warming the cockles of one's heart nestled where quaint meets cozy, its cherished charm becomes one with life forever etched in … Continue reading Home Sweet Home


how can this be stolen is me of me myself and I little did they know my life a no-show many years ago so you see to be me is not to be Reena’s Xploration Challenge #208 The theme this week is A Stolen Identity -Eugi