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Kitty Talk

The sun shines through my windowpane. Its glow spilling into the room with warmth and playful shadows. I jump and dart, and run with fearless glee. I curl my tail, flex my claws and share my finest meows. My life as a cat filled with fun and sun and lots of time for naps. A…

Once Upon a Time

alone I stand the moon drips of dreams of once before alone I stand continually seeking my spirit’s lost core alone I stand yearning for my fantasy land of yore alone I stand  waiting for harmony and a life of evermore § Interpreting the above image for Hélène’s weekly challenge What do you See –…

Be Spoken For

We gather here today to observe and – Behold lovers readying for that special day. Their fluttering hearts beat like none other. Beckoning advice and proper words to say. A fingernail moon nestled in knitted clouds. Began to conspire with stars in the Milky Way. A once inky sky became a marmalade glow. Bewitching brillance…


harken sweet lassies trouble knows no boundaries a sly masquerade § Written for Helené’s weekly challenge What do you See? – Feb. 5, 2019 Please stop by my other blog, BrewNSpew Eugenia featured image – lovethispic.com prompt image – provided by Willow Poetry

Orchestrated Refuge

my inner identity conducting beacons of light to guide and protect from feared fall-out in a once fairytale world § Written for Helené’s weekly challenge – What do you See? – Challenge Jan 15, 2019 Please visit my other blog, BrewNSpew Eugenia Image source from hosting post