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So Many Pleasant Things

hippity hop hop bunny ears and cotton tails Easter time delights ~ cluckety cluck cluck missus hen and sky blue eggs Easter time delights ~ giggles and guffaws a blissful celebration Easter time delights Please join us every Monday for Comedy Plus – awww Mondays Please join in the fun at my other blog BrewNSpew…

Kitty Talk

The sun shines through my windowpane. Its glow spilling into the room with warmth and playful shadows. I jump and dart, and run with fearless glee. I curl my tail, flex my claws and share my finest meows. My life as a cat filled with fun and sun and lots of time for naps. A…

Once Upon a Time

alone I stand the moon drips of dreams of once before alone I stand continually seeking my spirit’s lost core alone I stand yearning for my fantasy land of yore alone I stand  waiting for harmony and a life of evermore § Interpreting the above image for Hélène’s weekly challenge What do you See –…

Be Spoken For

We gather here today to observe and – Behold lovers readying for that special day. Their fluttering hearts beat like none other. Beckoning advice and proper words to say. A fingernail moon nestled in knitted clouds. Began to conspire with stars in the Milky Way. A once inky sky became a marmalade glow. Bewitching brillance…


harken sweet lassies trouble knows no boundaries a sly masquerade § Written for Helené’s weekly challenge What do you See? – Feb. 5, 2019 Please stop by my other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia featured image – lovethispic.com prompt image – provided by Willow Poetry

Orchestrated Refuge

my inner identity conducting beacons of light to guide and protect from feared fall-out in a once fairytale world § Written for Helené’s weekly challenge – What do you See? – Challenge Jan 15, 2019 Please visit my other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia Image source from hosting post

Wee Celebration

Stars jingle jangle Carolers sing songs of joy An eve of laughter § Please join us every Monday for Comedy Plus – awww – Mondays My other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia image – Pexels