Maintaining Order

creatures of wonder leafy tree they call their home nature takes notice It’s Awww Mondays at Comedy Plus -Eugenia featured image – Pexels

Hindsight is 20/20

hindsight so clever, but perhaps of little value actual occurrence blurred by foregone conclusions seemingly without qualm and grave consequences may lead to one’s demise Reena’s Exploration Challenge #105 Your Daily Word Prompt – Qualm – September 21, 2019 -Eugenia featured… Read More ›

Have we bonded yet?

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Taradiddle Woes

cottontail fables rile the velveteen rabbit eventual truth Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Velveteen Rabbit Your Daily Word Prompt – Eventual – July 14, 2019 -Eugenia featured image – Pexels

So Many Pleasant Things

hippity hop hop bunny ears and cottontails Easter time delights ~ cluckety cluck cluck missus hen and sky blue eggs Easter time delights ~ giggles and guffaws a blissful celebration Easter time delights -Eugenia featured image – Pexels