This poem was written in response to Reena’s 100th post for Reena’s Exploration Challenge, August 15, 2019. one to one hundred? and to achieve one’s purpose acceptance is key allowing wisdom to educate one’s mindset and aid perspective one to one hundred? and to achieve one’s purpose tolerance is key camaraderie promotion of well-penned thoughts … Continue reading Achievements

There’s light in the darkness

searching for answers how to afford life's juggle darkness creeps near light flickers onward have faith in oneself Reena’s Exploration Challenge #161 I invite you to meditate on light this week, and share your take on the subject. PAD Challenge #11 2020 has been a tough year for most people. Write a poem about your year. … Continue reading There’s light in the darkness

Mind Heist

I've always been right so much so that even I, a carrier of ignorance, was misguided by those that think they are right. all is not well, folks all is not right I propose we agree to disagree Reena’s Exploration Challenge #136 Your Daily Word Prompt – #Heist – #YDWordPrompt May 22, 2020 -Eugenia featured image - … Continue reading Mind Heist