Reena's Exploration Challenge

The Great Pumpkin

hushed was the rumor the dark of night shaken, and patch dwellers aghast. the Great Pumpkin rose to the delight of children pumpkiny deeds carried forth. yet the awe assaulted by air with a singular chill A magical moment only… Read More ›

Practice what you preach

Transparency speaks, yet angles tempt the weary pleading for the truth. (The American Sentence poetry form) Reena’s Exploration Challenge #157 -Eugenia image source – via prompt host

Time is an illusion

time is of the essence deadline coming soon time is money deadline is tight time is relative deadline looms time running out deadline is past tick tock goes the clock swoosh! ending of the end Reena’s Exploration Challenge #156 dVerse Poets… Read More ›

Last night

dark silence broken vatic voices etched my soul I felt my demise Reena’s Exploration Challenge #155 – Horror My response to dVerse — Poetics — The Vatic Voice. The prompt hosted by Lisa “the vatic voice of a poet is one that… Read More ›

Cross Wired

ensnarled ideas networked through the depths of time a web of intrigue Reena’s Exploration Challenge #154 -Eugenia image source – prompt host