Reena's Exploration Challenge


often we can’t bear darkness in unknown shadows pure bliss overdue rise we surely must let ourselves overcome fear one step at a time Reena’s Exploration Challenge #144 -Eugenia featured image – Pexels


yonder adventures via search engine journey destiny control Reena’s Exploration Challenge 143 -Eugenia featured image/Prompt Image – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Hindsight is 20/20

hindsight so clever, but perhaps of little value actual occurrence blurred by foregone conclusions seemingly without qualm and grave consequences may lead to one’s demise Reena’s Exploration Challenge #105 Your Daily Word Prompt – Qualm – September 21, 2019 -Eugenia featured… Read More ›

Natural Instincts

the laws of nature not legal, ethical nor scientific law the laws of nature harmonies of Mother Earth years pass disturbed Reena’s Exploration Challenge #104 PROMPT  104- LONG AND SHORT OF IT -Eugenia featured image –

Power of Manipulation

can’t blow their own horn the famous or infamous wallow in glory neither owned or earned the enemy their scapegoats puppeteer tactics Prompt #102 – Public figures make us hate their enemies. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #102 -Eugenia featured image – Pexels