A sea of regrets

life's painful pulse beats to its own drum to which many succumb when peace seldom gathers ourself becomes fraught languished by our thoughts the depths of despair a boundless sea of tears provoked by our fears sadness in the past blissful peace for spirits loved ocean flows silent murmurs bring life to the shore we … Continue reading A sea of regrets


a flickering candle seduced dancing shadows that menace the moonlight upon cracked-plaster walls, a community of spidery abodes, their silken threads glimmer as the night moves. this old house creaks, its grand days succumbed to the harshness of yesteryear. faded photos silenced bear witness to graying shades of existence. no matter the season, I reminisce … Continue reading Forlorn


silhouette, a saboteur of my spirit as I reminisce with a sad and heavy heart looking at your profile, stern and angular, hunting for signs of gentleness and goodwill original feelings blurred and reckless unto to myself lies the energy of blame eternal love rewards those who seek it tears of joy or tears of … Continue reading Silhouette