Wakeup call

as our voices rise a wavelength of despair hums of burdens thrust mankind ungathered tranced in hypnotic ideation woeful eyes swell with tears the last stanza sung - soul-to-soul self-seeking crow with the dawn rejoice in truths of love and kindness as our voices rise wedded are we unconsumed from sunrise to sunset https://youtu.be/W3xgcmIS3YU?t=91 Reena’s … Continue reading Wakeup call


Equality simply put - like in quality, nature, or status like for each member of a group, class, or society like for opportunities 'neath the same page of the sky we dwell “Understanding and believing are not the same thing.” Gertrude Stein Reena’s Xploration Challenge #271 Prompt - #EmbraceEquity Copyright © 2023 Moonwashed Musings@amanpan.blog – All … Continue reading Equality