Reasons for living

repurpose resources replenish respect revitalize resurgence redeliver reminiscing restore reputation resing recordings resow resilience redevelop responsibility listen to whispers hear vibrations in the ground for our Mother Earth holds high her will to provide resolution and repose Reena’s Xploration Challenge #256 This is perhaps the shortest word prompt we have done on RXC, yet it encompasses … Continue reading Reasons for living

Coffee Chat Q&A – Oct. 21, 2022

swinging and swaying the music playing while dancing in the street jack be nimble, jack be quick beware the murderer so slick dear .gov, I plead the fifth best to keep opinions zipped ah, teal a soothing blue-green HEX #008080 - symbolizes truth, unity, infinity, reserved, intuition and a duck Eurasian Teal turn, turn, turn … Continue reading Coffee Chat Q&A – Oct. 21, 2022

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Stupendous – October 18, 2022

ignore the dizzies hold fast to the stupendous harmonious chaos FYI, I am removing the 'reblog' feature from my blog. I understand there are a few sincere followers that reblog my posts to help in promoting my blog, which I appreciate. However, the 'reblog' feature makes my blog an easy mark for internet thieves. Also, … Continue reading Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Stupendous – October 18, 2022