Another rainy day –  Senryū

a grey day mizzly daily attire irksome task rain slicker stylish candle burns slowly sky water taps my window comfort tea brewing #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 303, 1/17/23 This week’s challenge is a specific form prompt where I ask you to write a senryū poem, or a series of senryū. - Colleen Chesebro Copyright … Continue reading Another rainy day –  Senryū

In the scope of things

kindred souls grateful to dwell beyond fettered worlds seeking the pathway to peace in blissful places standing in the still of time What do you see # 158- October 31, 2022 For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a doorway in a brick wall. Beyond the doorway, you can see a garden view, extending back to … Continue reading In the scope of things

Summer glow

earth stippled with riotous color sultry laden winds warm the land trees bedecked in kelly green happy frogs in-between ever so lovely the daylight wanes as twilight turns to night #TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 272: #Tastetherainbow-Color Poetry This week Colleen's challenge is to think of different ways to use color in a poem. I … Continue reading Summer glow

The Return

the earth embraces peace as souls bask in her warmth and flourish in her hearth from long ago no stones are left unturned as spirits seek the truth in eternal pursuits Gaia aglow #TankaTuesday 2/8/22 #Poetry Challenge No. 260, #SpecificForm: Abhanga My poem is in response to Colleen’s#TankaTuesday 2/8/22 #Poetry Challenge No. 260, #SpecificForm: Abhanga. Abhanga … Continue reading The Return


Sharing exciting news from Colleen Chesebro at Word Craft: Prose and Poetry! For more information, go to INTRODUCING… WORD WEAVING—A WORD CRAFT JOURNAL OF SYLLABIC VERSE. "Word Weaving began as a creative experiment between two poetic friends, Colleen Chesebro and JulesPaige, birthed from our combined love for writing syllabic poetry on Word Craft: Prose & Poetry at … Continue reading WORD WEAVING—A WORD CRAFT JOURNAL OF SYLLABIC VERSE by Colleen Chesebro