The Saturday Symphony

Stolen Dreams

blissful dreams fill my heart with light as moonlight glows through sultry trees hear the hush as the forest breathes noisy echos assault the night once humbled secrets reckless lies their shrill voices litter the skies cherished dreams my spirit… Read More ›

Con game shame

gluttons prey on the naive rapacity like a bad seed egoism flaunts its game egotists pitifully lame desire flows wicked What piggishness is this? The Saturday Symphony #17 (Riddle me this…) RIDDLE ME THIS This week, pick a favourite riddle,… Read More ›

The Great Pumpkin

hushed was the rumor the dark of night shaken, and patch dwellers aghast. the Great Pumpkin rose to the delight of children pumpkiny deeds carried forth. yet the awe assaulted by air with a singular chill A magical moment only… Read More ›

Roads traveled

dramas of ageing silenced the misery that dwells amid willows hearts stilled except in the eye of the storm The Saturday Symphony #15 (Eye of the storm) What do you see- 52 – 19 October’20 VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #117: EXCEPT Tuesday Writing… Read More ›

Love is in the stars

our love on the rocks last moments and last farewells hope reaches lonely sparking stars gleam in the sand gifts of love are never lost What do you see # 51 – 12 October’20 The Saturday Symphony #14 (A perfect romance)… Read More ›

On my way to stardom

my passions excel rhythmic vibes stirred by autumn music plays away The Saturday Symphony #13 (Rhythm of autumn) What do you see # 50 5th October’20 Your Daily Word Prompt – Excel – October 5, 2020 -Eugenia image source – Image… Read More ›

By the lake

haunted by echoes last farewell stands with courage morning mist silent What do you see # 49 – 28 September’20 Ponderous Thought – Hauntings The Saturday Symphony #12 (Birthday edition) -Eugenia image source – prompt host


once upon a time this alley filled with dragons conflicts wild and fierce encore drama plagued motorized shields deemed unfair lull of night communicates liar liar pants on fire What do you see # 48 – 21 September’20 The Saturday Symphony… Read More ›