Steadfast conviction

trees strong in their calm roots anchored deep in the earth branches full of life trees strong in their calm forever reach for the sky stand tall through the storm trees strong in their calm welcoming all in their stride leaves renew presence trees strong in their calm canopies comfort and soothe their being breathes … More Steadfast conviction

Virtually being

meet and greet my place or your place together we talk and together we laugh and together we share clinks together we share tales whether sad or happy we exist together on the edge of time day by day by day together VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE: READ ON… -Eugi Photo by Life Of Pix from Pexels

Delayed forecast

my thoughts ivy cloaked voiceless triumph echoes drift humbled chatty unprepared expired VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE: WHAT COULD YOU TALK ABOUT FOR 30 MINUTES WITHOUT PREPARATION? What do you see # 81 – May 10, 2021 -Eugi Prompt Image credit; Victoria Strukovskaya @ Unsplash featured image –


crossroads thoughts intertwined balancing respect crossroads speak with forked tongue life in-between VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE: ROADS -Eugi image source –

Navigating thoughts

guiding lights may be blurred by peripherals yet intent becomes clear visions beckon me closer my world is illuminant What do you see # 79 – April 26, 2021 VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE: PERIPHERAL -Eugi Image credit; Philippe D @ Unsplash