tweet, tweet, my sweet our lives ours to keep no more woeful songs our deep love life long do we dare to share our secret affair What do you see # 98 -Eugi Image credit; Jonah Pettrich @Unsplash

Magic is in the air

once upon a time in fairytale land magic dragon, Puff sating his yens overdue climbed to the highest tower demanding ice cream folks come from hither and yon sweet treats at his feet and in return magic dragon. Puff granted every human soul peace and light eternal a story to behold a story to be … More Magic is in the air


always be yourself life’s expedition too short for extra baggage #TANKATUESDAY WEEKLY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 236, #THEMEPROMPT just a reminder putting on a haughty face a flimsy facade Your Daily Word Prompt – Haughty – July 27, 2021 Word of the Day Challenge – Reminder What do you see # 92 -Eugi featured image = Photo by … More Pretenders

Bitter sweet

candying a dream taste of sweetness ebbs and flows a life sedated MMA Storytime’s Word of the Day—Dream What do you see # 91 -Eugi Image by congerdesign from Pixabay