The Limelighters #144

“Well-meaning, helpful, good-natured attitudes of mind have not come to be honored on account of their usefulness, but because they are states of richer souls that are capable of bestowing and have their value in the feeling of the plenitude of life.”― Friedrich Nietzsche Weekly Wrap-up – Good-natured Prompt 1. John Phares2. Jules Corrected Link3. … Continue reading The Limelighters #144

The Limelighters #143

“The picturesque is found any time the ground is uneven.”― Roland Barthes Weekly Wrap-up – Picturesque Prompt 1. Angela @LifePoetic2. SuzetteB3. Destiny4. Rockstar Girl5. Grace Y. Estevez - Reddy6. Goff James7. Reena Saxena8. Jules9. ben Alexander10. Sadje11. Mangus Khan12. Paula Light13. Aboli Mane14. Susi - I Write Her15. Mindfills16. Goff James17. Michelle18. Jane Aguiar19. Jennifer … Continue reading The Limelighters #143

The Limelighters #142 – 5/15/2023

“At times, silence can be a welcoming and hospitable partner when we can let loose, and the flow of time is sending a comforting wave of sound vibrations gently opening the skyline. ("A gap of silence")”― Erik Pevernagie Weekly Wrap-up – Skyline Prompt 1. Elderberry Tea2. Michelle3. SuzetteB4. Elizabeth5. Destiny6. Paula Light7. Grace Y. Estevez … Continue reading The Limelighters #142 – 5/15/2023

The Limelighters #141 – 5/8/23

“Why after the dust settles, someone has to come by and blow at it, stirring it up into the air again?”― Anthony Liccione Weekly Wrap-up – Commotion Prompt 1. Mindfills2. Pankaj Kumar3. Destiny4. Michelle5. Rockstar Girl6. Grace Y. Estevez - Reddy7. Paula Light8. Goff James9. Jules10. Nina Lydia11. Aboli Mane12. Sadje13. ben Alexander14. Reena Saxena15. … Continue reading The Limelighters #141 – 5/8/23

The Limelighters #140 – 5/1/23

“In life, growth is imminent. And, growth without change, is unthinkable. And, to make the unthinkable thinkable, new roads need to be carved out by way of old ones. The old stands tall and firm and befriends the new to fall into place, with refined maturity and greater understanding and cultured admiration. It's simply pure … Continue reading The Limelighters #140 – 5/1/23

The Limelighters #139 – 4/24/23

“Don't confuse excitement with happiness. The former is feverish and combustible.The latter is serene and long-lasting.”― Anoir Ou-chad Weekly Wrap-up – Serene Prompt 1. Artie Camenzind2. SuzetteB3. ladyleemanila4. kittysverses5. Reena Saxena6. Jules7. Goff James8. Rockstar Girl9. Grace Y. Estevez - Reddy10. Sadje11. Paula Light 12. Destiny13. Di @ pensitivity10114. Susi15. Michelle16. ben Alexander17. Your Plate … Continue reading The Limelighters #139 – 4/24/23