The Limelighters #141 – 5/8/23

“Why after the dust settles, someone has to come by and blow at it, stirring it up into the air again?”― Anthony Liccione Weekly Wrap-up – Commotion Prompt 1. Mindfills2. Pankaj Kumar3. Destiny4. Michelle5. Rockstar Girl6. Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy7. Paula Light8. Goff James9. Jules10. Nina Lydia 11. Aboli Mane12. Sadje13. ben Alexander14. ReenaContinue reading “The Limelighters #141 – 5/8/23”

The Limelighters #140 – 5/1/23

“In life, growth is imminent. And, growth without change, is unthinkable. And, to make the unthinkable thinkable, new roads need to be carved out by way of old ones. The old stands tall and firm and befriends the new to fall into place, with refined maturity and greater understanding and cultured admiration. It’s simply pureContinue reading “The Limelighters #140 – 5/1/23”

Exciting News! Jude Itakali’s Hot New! Blog tour Schedule!

Check the link for this exciting news! Jude Itakali’s Hot New! Blog tour Schedule By the way, the book cover was designed by our own Colleen Chesebro of Wordcraft Poetry, and (drum roll)… Happy Birthday Colleen! -Eugi Copyright © 2023 – All rights reserved.