Blah, blah, and so on

A sage suggestion and an important part of everyday and every night, for that matter, communication because before and if and when we decide to utter wiseacre and detrimental remarks acting like egotistical smart alecks and real know-it-alls, we should think long and hard and strictly think again and again about how our garrulous unkind … More Blah, blah, and so on


do we dare to share the truth from our minds or hold thoughts in limbo the prudent course of action is not to be hushed but to be heard in the here in the now Your Daily Word Prompt – Prudent – August 6, 2021 Reena’s Xploration Challenge #193 “Shhh! It’s your turn now” -Eugi Image … More Stifled


friable thoughts claim to fame deflated hit a brick wall need to get a grip Your Daily Word Prompt – Friable – July 29, 2021 Reena’s Xploration Challenge #192 -Eugi prompt image – Reena Saxena featured image – Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


always be yourself life’s expedition too short for extra baggage #TANKATUESDAY WEEKLY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 236, #THEMEPROMPT just a reminder putting on a haughty face a flimsy facade Your Daily Word Prompt – Haughty – July 27, 2021 Word of the Day Challenge – Reminder What do you see # 92 -Eugi featured image = Photo by … More Pretenders

Sense flounced with hysteria

insanity is crumbling raw data storage a mind in peril Reena’s Xploration Challenge #190 – Insanity Word of the Day Challenge – Storage MMA Storytime’s Haiku A Day Challenge —Raw Your Daily Word Prompt – Flounce – July 15, 2021 -Eugi Image by DeSa81 from Pixabay


the old car, we named her Summertime Blues, tired of A Hard Day’s Night, she trekked to warmer climes to join the Surfin’ Safari, a reunion of Road Hog alums, and she had A Ticket to Ride. She was equipped with a GPS, as old as the hills, and couldn’t Get Back due to an … More Detour