Your Daily Word Prompt


a world without barriers it’s a natural high an ally on your side existence a gift but life ain’t tied with a bow enter the scammers fake news their game the daily rag ablaze polluted noise raucous infotainment tainted liar,… Read More ›

As the eagle flies

a million dollars! my highway to fame and fortune finishing touches made perfect my inner warrior speaks selfish is as selfish does rejoice in giving to others encores flow grateful VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #123: WARRIOR Fae Corps PAD Challenge #30 If… Read More ›

Blossoms of success

when flowers bloom and lovers dream is their’s a flimsy wish to reflect on to savor life to keep what is? no Goddess can fawn mother nature or prove her virtuous ego without reason. the doorway to lovers hearts sealed…. Read More ›

This old hotel

this old hotel, her fashionable Victorian charm thrived in an era where tales of intimacy and passion were shushed. days when porcelain skin was caressed with scents of lilac that continue to cling, and provoke admiration of desire. this old… Read More ›

Oh! the fae – an ode

Oh! the fae enchanting the frivolous triumph travels skyward magical powers transmit beauty and light Oh! the fae deathless in our dreams our hearts? our minds? a flimsy vision? Oh! the fae beings of light follow them blind transmit their… Read More ›


can’t always be a softie unfairness a competitor to reside in safe harbors the ultimate choice summoning hope VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #119: SOFT Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: choice – Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Your Daily Word Prompt – Reside – November 4,… Read More ›


in the fading light kind souls unite in tandem to purpose reason VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #116: REASON Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge— “In the fading light” – October 13, 2020 Your Daily Word Prompt – Tandem – October 13, 2020 -Eugenia image source… Read More ›

On my way to stardom

my passions excel rhythmic vibes stirred by autumn music plays away The Saturday Symphony #13 (Rhythm of autumn) What do you see # 50 5th October’20 Your Daily Word Prompt – Excel – October 5, 2020 -Eugenia image source – Image… Read More ›