Fall Back

Well ring my chimes   They’re changing the time   As the queen of quaint  I’m gonna voice my plaint  Dear Father Time-   I rattle and prattle about this diddle daddle Daytime and nighttime  Lunchtime and dinnertime Uptime and… Read More ›

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  • The Good, The Bad, The Misunderstood

         The owl, his moon and the ebony sky He’s much wiser than money can buy It’s eleventy oclock as night draws nigh From his mighty roost he lets out a sigh A fine feathered friend that wonders why… Read More ›

  • Nature Reset

      A leaf fell today A stunning dance silhouette The last disconnect   Please stop in for a cuppa at BrewNSpew   And please pay a visit to my links on the right-hand side of the screen under the title Links…. Read More ›

  • No Tussle

        Deliver harmony from distortion Dismiss toxins as options Too bent on making a fortune A persona becomes an orphan Shortened versions of emotions Cause feelings to coarsen Time to unmuddle the puddle Don’t muffle that chuckle Share an… Read More ›

  • She Does It Her Way

    Mom nature with her notorious ways Wearied from her laborious ways Tightly gripped her tattered shroud Hitched a ride on a quilted cloud So proud of gifts she bestows Well, that’s how her story goes Ah, but heed her deception… Read More ›

  • Abstract Weather

    Let’s tether the weather Mom nature knows better There’s fires with ire And floods with mud There’s cat 5 ‘canes Winds howl like trains There’s twisters and twirlers And tiddly wink hurlers Yesterday’s balmy Is today’s tsunami  There’s quaking and… Read More ›

  • A Mind’s RPMs

      An unfolding thought comes to naught Makes one feel they don’t know squat Perhaps we ought to be retaught The dotted line is missing a dot Fame and fortune idly sought Fractals off kilter, methought  You know insanity can’t… Read More ›

  • For Your Sake

     Do you run in place and pretend to complete For fear you’re failing to master the task Don’t panic your manic and admit defeat In this foolish world it’s best to ask Not hide drunken words behind a mask  Either… Read More ›

  • Not Here Nor There

    There are those in life that are no-shows Enthralled with their sense of no-goes So dusty their minds No thoughts to unwind Their souls are sequestered in shadows -Eugenia “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”―… Read More ›

  • Renewing our Senses

      Gossipy stares getting you down Hey, get that chin off the ground Bruised spirits may weep in vain Emitting fumes of pity, rigors of pain Insensible voices may be raised in ire  but, short lived nonsense will soon expire… Read More ›