Fake News

While we appreciate frivolities also, a plenty of peculiarities What we read might be cushioned, be that as it may, credible stuff? What we read some fakery, or conceivably a glitch? What we read a play on words, however one and done? What we perused good ‘ol fashioned, […]


exceeding expectations convincing your change sense of self you’re offering? more than twice? thrice? calibrated to flawlessness? disordered fractals result in debasement, intrusion will in general delight in any case, befuddle fractals in mayhem = debilitation? fractals in movement = flawlessness? maybe to be flawless is lawless  Come […]

Magical Display

A mysterious showcase of nature outside Sending profound contemplations on a smooth ride Wounded recollections caught in my walk Give woeful occasions a chance to be thrown away I see no essentialness in feeling inauspicious My measure of bliss filled to the edge § My other blog BrewNSpew -Eugenia […]

Out There

  In a universe so huge there exists our role What part we play from everyday made the past characterizes the present also, births what’s to come. Given just a single opportunity to assume our role we should share or everlastingly seal our destiny surrendering to the feared […]