Wishing for Spring

snowy days and nights winter not to my liking cuddles and hugs, please § Please join us every Monday for Comedy Plus – awww Mondays Please visit my other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia image – Pexels

My Magical Cube

color me in love like a brilliant exhibit life still a puzzle § Inspired by Susi Bocks – IWH Haiku Challenge #1 My other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia Imaged provided from hosting post


in the distant past intellectual cosmos rapt thoughts now slumber § Written for Helené’s weekly challenge What do you see? Jan/08/2019 Prompt – Write a poem, short story, whatever you see or feel about this week’s photo (this post’s featured image) My other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia image – hosting […]

Parental Guidance

Unleashing answers Gifts of wisdom intertwined Lessons in the wild § Please join us every Monday for Comedy Plus – awww Mondays My other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia, image – Pexels

Tis New Years Eve

new year mindfulness let’s renew the word kindness daydreaming of spring § new year recapture let’s refresh the word sharing winter’s homey nights § new year sympathy let’s recall the word caring summer winds caress § new year consciousness let’s ask of the word respect delights of autumn […]

Tis Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve magical kindred souls share blissful thoughts sleigh bells hither yon § Please join us every Monday for Comedy Plus – awww Mondays. My other blog, BrewNSpew -Eugenia Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

Christmas Recipe

A cozy warm fire 2 cups hugs plus one cup love and a Christmas tree § Gifts favored with care 3 cups grins 2 cups kisses and snuggly blankets § Chocolaty treats Tablespoon of handholding and Christmas stockings § Candy cane delights Two and a half cups laughter […]

Decked Out

Festive selfies with Bows and things and ring-a-lings Christmas stockings too § It’s Blogmas Time! Check this out –  KaylaAnn’s Annual Blogmas Contest! -Eugenia image – lovethispic.com