Soul searching

revel in madness inhale life’s folly crowing at dawn shapes last stanzas high on oneself outlast waning emotions exhausted dreams grieve until luster dazzles surprise inner recluse flourish amid moments The Saturday Symphony #38 April Apathy Ponderous thought prompt. For the month of May, do some research, or draw from experience, a way in which you’veContinue reading “Soul searching”

Words remembered

whereof a curled page tempts thoughts to reveal the truth the steady hand pens the strongest voice speaks quotations born to inspire while the time moves on Reena’s Xploration Challenge #277 “Developing quotations often sparks inspiration!”― Steven Magee Twiglet #321 curled page -Eugi Copyright © 2023 – All rights reserved. Image by Veronika Andrews from Pixabay

Rise up from the pits

as voices retreat last lamentations linger inside-outs of life prevail yet in darkness light exists beyond negativity let it shine, let it be there Reena’s Xploration Challenge #258 It’s so tough to remain positive at times. A word that is constantly gnawing my insides, staring back at me from every wall I encounter is CESSPOOL IContinue reading “Rise up from the pits”